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The Fear of Rejection is Stopping You from Becoming an Author

(⬇️ Hint: Watch this video to find out a new way to look at rejection ... ⬇️)


The Bless YOUR BOOK Workshop

Overcome so you can Become ...

Next Workshop: June 26-30th

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Let's Face the Facts ...

You aren't writing your book because you are afraid of rejection. 

I get it. I used to be a public school teacher who couldn't stop thinking about becoming an author. I felt like the Lord was nudging me to write a book. Problem was, I didn't have time and couldn't figure out how to begin, so I also felt heartache, embarrassment, and guilt every day. One thought bothered me most. I kept thinking:

"I don't want to get to heaven one day and tell God I didn't answer His call to write a book."

Then I learned to how to BLESS MY BOOK. Now I am an author who has written six books, with more on the way. 

In fact, I can help you do what I have done. 

This Workshop Is For You If:

  You are a Christian coach, speaker, artist, teacher, or influencer who is ready to take your business or ministry to the next level.

 You know you are called to write a book one day, but you can't find time and don't know how to begin.

 You aren't interested in wasting your time learning business strategies unless they are based on solid biblical truth.  

 You are committed to helping other people by sharing the stories, lessons, and insights God has given you.

 You are ready to make a higher income and have more confidence.

Here's the Secret to Overcoming anD Becoming:

Next Workshop: June 26-30th

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Check Out What Past Participants Are Saying ...

Learn To Make Yourself Feel Like Writing
During this 5-day challenge, learn the 5 time-saving secrets that will help you finish your book faster. These are the concepts Nika uses to write best-selling books with her elite clients. This challenge meets you where you are and shows you how to get to the next level.
Exactly what you need in 5 DAYS.
There are 5 Ways that the FEAR OF REJECTION shows up. 
The Bless Your Book Workshop Addresses each one:
FEAR #1. Creating the Message
FEAR #2. Making the Income
FEAR #3. Choosing the Publisher
FEAR #4. Growing the Audience
FEAR #5. Believing the Impossible
DAY #1: 

Bless Your Message

On the first day,  Nika Maples will show you how to create the core content of your book. 

⭐️  You have to stop spinning in indecision. ⭐️
  • Give what you know a compelling flow so that your book is faster and easier to write, and your future readers won't be able to put it down.
  • ​Discover What Makes a Bestselling Book
  • ​Find Out Why You Should Leverage Your Life Experience
  • ​Learn How to Finish Your Book Faster
DAY #2: 

Bless Your Income

On the second day, Nika will teach you why you are struggling with the idea of higher income and more attention as a successful author. 

⭐️ You have to fix the money leaks in your mind. ⭐️
  •  Dismiss the author money myths and fear of success so that you can publish your book and create extra income for your family.
  • Uncover the Money Myths Your Church May Have Taught You
  • ​See What Other Successful Authors Are Earning
  • ​Open Future Financial Possibilities for Yourself
DAY #3: 

Bless Your Publisher

On the third day, Nika will help you stop the indecision about publishing your book. 

⭐️ You have to avoid the publishing traps in your way. ⭐️
  • Learn which publishing option is best and forget the rest so that you can confidently choose the one that is right for your goals.
  • Strategize How to Find Your Literary Agent
  • ​Make Your Book Irresistible to a Traditional Publishing House
  • ​Unlock Independent Publishing to Get Your Message to Your Reader 
DAY #4: 

Bless Your Audience

On the fourth day, Rebecca George, author of Do the Thing and host of the Radical Radiance Podcast, will show you how to increase your influence authentically and meaningfully. 

⭐️ You have to get off the social media "hamster wheel." ⭐️
  • Make a content plan and develop a community of ideal readers so that you can grow your platform before your book is released.
  • Learn How to Create a Brand That Feels Like You
  • ​Find Out Why You Should Connect with Other Influencers
  • Discover How to Promote Your Book Without Feeling Bad About It
DAY #5: 

Bless Yourself

On the fifth day, Nika will teach you how to stop the small syndrome for you and your book. 

⭐️ You have to breakthrough the "low plateau." ⭐️
  • Master the key factor that can make it happen faster so you can be sure your success is sooner rather than later.
  • Find Out What Has Been Holding You Back
  • Tap Into Your God-Given Purpose and Divine Assignment
  • ​Decide Your Focus for Moving Forward
Meet The Author Coach:

Nika Maples

During this workshop you will learn 5 ways to bless your book that Nika has only shared with her elite clients. Whether you are a new writer or a published author who is already generating 6 figures per year, you are going to gain knowledge about author career opportunities you didn't know existed.

  • Best-Selling Author: Writer of  SIX books, both traditionally and independently published
  • Award-Winning Teacher: Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year 2007
  • Christian Coach: Certified by The Life Coach School

You Can Become a Successful Author

There are two ways. Here's how:

  • Via Live Workshop in Facebook Group
  • Via Replays (Available Only For a Limited Time)

June 26-30, 2023

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

12:00am - 1:00pm CT


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11:00am - 1:00pm CT

The Bestseller Experience 

Yes, I'm IN!


General Admission

Here's What You Get ...

  • The Bless Your Book Training With Nika Maples, The Author Coach
  • ​​ ​ Access To The Bless Your Book Private FB Group
  • ​ The Bless Your Book Printable Workbook 
  • ​A Personalized Book Plan to Move Forward and Make Progress 

✨The Bestseller Experience✨

Here's What You Get ...

  • ​The Bless Your Book Training With Nika Maples, The Author Coach
  • ​​ ​ Access To The Bless Your Book Private FB Group
  • ​​ ​​​ Bestseller Coaching Via VIP Zoom Room, Q&A Plus Advanced-Level Advice For Your Current Writing Project LIVE With Nika Maples
  • ​​ ​​ The Bless Your Book Printable Workbook
  • ​​  ​​💵 The 6-Figure Author Makeover 💵
  • ​ A Personalized Book Plan to Move Forward and Make Progress
  • ​​  Grand Prize Raffle 
  • ​​  Bonus Video: How to Stop Beating Yourself Up
  • ​  Bonus Video: How to Take a Personal Inventory
  • ​  Bonus Video: How to Be Still and Listen to the Lord
  • ​  Bonus Video: How to Declare Truth Over Your Life
still have questions? here are some answers:
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is this workshop for?
A: Christian women who want to write a book. If you are a course creator, coach, speaker, or influencer looking to take your business to the next level, then this workshop is for you.

Q: Who is this workshop not for?
A: Wantrepreneurs and business opportunity seekers. This class is not a shiny object to be added to your collection of courses, books, and webinars that you still have never implemented. If you are curious about writing a book but not serious, please don't waste your money or my time. 

Q: Should I join the workshop if I don't have any ideas for my book, yet?
A: Yes. Whether you already have a solid idea or are looking for one, this 5-day workshop will give you the tools you need to leverage your message and build your platform to grow the audience of eager readers that you have been looking for.

Q: Will the training be recorded?
A: Yes. The recordings of each day's training will be made available to all participants in the private Facebook group until the Sunday after the workshop. The goal of this challenge is to hold you accountable to rapid progress.

Q: How much is the workshop?
A: The Bestseller Experience is only $297 for an exclusive Zoom call for other Bestsellers, VIP Coaching, and Advanced-Level Advice with Nika Maples before the training every day. General Admission is $97.

Q: How is this different than your courses or free content on offers?
A: While I do have content available on writing, publishing, and marketing your book, this is my first-class content on Christian authorship.

Q: Are the workshop sessions live?
A: Yes. The trainings will be live and recorded, however you won't be able to purchase the recordings so you will need to watch the challenge live or watch the recordings during the replay period. They will be posted in the Facebook group.

Q: How does the 5-day workshop work?
A: Each day we will have a training, complete with an exclusive Zoom call for those in The Bestseller Experience. You are encouraged to complete the homework within the window provided and ask questions the following day in the Q&A session, should you have any.

Q: Will I get direct feedback from Nika?
A: Yes. In The Bestseller Experience you will have an exclusive Zoom call where you can ask anything covered in the challenge and receive feedback daily.

Begin Your Author Journey and Bless Your Book While Being Coached LIVE by Nika Maples ...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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